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March Membership Meeting

Union Meeting 3/15 – 0815


o Swearing in of Fitch as West Vice President

o Deputy Wenzel – Command Staff did not make general notification – result of factors including family, other circumstances – Talking with Sheriff to at least have something out to recognize his service.

o Recruiting – Speaking with the new manager for hiring. New guy has a lot of drive and is extremely open to new ideas. Talking to them about addressing current deficiencies with the system plus utilizing current staff that would be our best asset to bring in new staff.

§ If you are interested in helping recruit (on OT) at events, please contact Nicole Buscher about your interest and/or the event you would like to do.

§ Also checking with HR about what is failing people out of backgrounds and what the criteria is.

o Morale – I understand its bad, if anyone has ideas of ways we can address it please reach out, also, remember that Peer Support and EAP are available to help with issues coming up from it.

o Stewards – Once Executive VP is elected, we will be looking for getting more stewards trained to help alleviate the stress on the board and allow them to start addressing bigger problems and affecting more change.

o New training program to incentivize FTO’s. Hoping to see some movement on this in the coming months.

Executive Vice President

o COVID grievance still going on. (Based on employer mandate *you must take it off* and they go against doctor recommendations *i.e. Dr. says off for 5 days, county still requires 14*)

o Masks – OHA getting rid of mask requirement in Medical settings – does not mean that we will not wear masks. Speaking with the Sheriff, who is having meetings about them. County still has authority to require masks.

o Budget cuts – this year is 1.5%

o Retro Lateral Vacation – Staff that were certified corrections coming from other agencies will get the “lateral” benefit of vacation accrual to your total corrections date - back to November 17th.

o Detectives came in to speak with some members – Do not talk to detectives without our attorney present. Ever.


o Finances discussed - please contact Fernley for exact numbers

West Vice

o New Pilot program with CSU with 2 people pulling inmates for attorney contacts – is causing some major issues with Release/Escorts because all of the court matters pushed off to PM court makes all of them get released late E shift.

East Vice

o MH at dorm 15 opened up classification beds downtown. Still not great, but they are working on it.

o Construction project – Blue room shut down for 3 weeks. Everything moved to conference room

o Jumper in Dorm 16 – Peer support list has been updated on intranet (MCSO Units page) -

Information Officer

o Election Committee going to be formed shortly – Address any conflict of interest with elections and E-Board

o Transitioning website to personal emails if person wishes over the next few months.

o Streaming Afternoon meeting to CSU – Only special assignment unable to get to meetings.


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