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Labor Management Meeting

Sorry for the late update -

Labor Management Meeting 02/20/24

Management Things

·         Hiring / Recruitment Update

o   4 new with 2 pending for next week

o   March 18 – 1 confirmed 3 pending

o   Corrections event, April 25th at MCIJ

o   October event, one hired, 8 in backgrounds, 1 testing.

§  SWAG issues (from MCCDA) asking for upgrade. Move away from “kid” oriented items.

o   23 assigned to backgrounds investigators, keeping an average of 25 to 30 as they clear. Average time = 91 days

·         PERS 6% issue – Still waiting on answer – timeline preserved

·         DC Structural Issues –

o   Bunks – Getting bandwidth to empty units to be able to do the welding.

o   Prioritizing buildings during winter storms, sheriff is backing this

o   Security upgrades to exterior not going to start until after election, probably

January 2025

o   Sheriff and Chair in talks about continuing to invest in MCDC and MCIJ or possibly getting a new facility.

o   10th floor breakroom – trying to upgrade

o   Reception area – sink is starting to rot out.

Labor Things

·         MOA for special assignments – Scheduling meeting in May to finalize details prior to any special assignment postings.

·         Online Training – next block may only be 4 hours. Continuing with the same online training program, but exploring how it is implemented.

o   Special assignments are still not able to get the overtime. No budge from CD

·         MH at MCDC is moving jail side – MH manager is formalizing plan and once it is completed union will get a copy of it.

·         Talked about overtime solutions. Still no easy fix, but trying to find alternative methods.

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