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Zoom Forum for Sheriff's Candidates

We will be hosting the three candidates for a forum with MCCDA members on Zoom on Wednesday, March 30, from 0900-1230. Each candidate will have one hour to address the 10 topics we've prepared based on the membership's input (I've posted them below). I will post the link to the zoom meeting on the blog at 0830 Wednesday morning. The zoom will be recorded so I can post a copy of it on the blog for anyone who isn't able to attend.

1. Why should MCCDA endorse you?

2. Staff morale in the corrections division is undoubtedly lower than it has ever been. What is your plan to improve the overall morale of staff and address the myriad mental health issues that we face?

3. Do you believe that MCSO is currently having difficulties finding and retaining qualified applicants? What factors are contributing to our recruiting success, and what factors are holding us back? What will you do to improve recruitment and retention?

4. MCSO currently has five empty dorms at MCIJ. What are your plans to utilize those dorms as the county is going through a massive increase in gun violence while bookings and the jail population are down?

5. How will you help keep patrol and corrections deputies safe considering the current climate: rioting in downtown, protesters harassing staff going to work and damaging their vehicles, anti-law enforcement sentiments, an increase in staff assaults in the jail?

6. How will you stand with and support the work the corrections/LE divisions do, even if this position may not be politically favorable with the public, the media, the county commissioners and other politicians? What assurances can you give that you will be the chief law enforcement officer of the county and not merely a politician?

7. How will you work to maintain the sheriff's office budget despite the county commissioners' yearly inclination to reduce it, especially considering the reported surplus the county is expecting in 2023?

8. What will you do to support MCCDA in obtaining a fair, equitable contract?

9. How will you improve communication in all aspects of the organizational structure: between yourself and the chief deputies, the CDs and their executive team, and management and line staff?

10. Where do you see MCSO in four years at the end of your first term?


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