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Workday Lawsuit Settlement Notices

From Rob Crumpton:

As of this week, MCCDA members should start receiving class-action settlement notices from a third-party administrator. These notifications are related to the class-action lawsuit we brought against the County in June 2019 regarding the disastrous rollout of Workday. These notifications describe your options as a member of the “class” affected by this lawsuit and the results of the settlement. For purposes of clarification, MCCDA’s lawsuit became a class-action suit when we included every Multnomah County employee impacted by Workday mishaps. Due to this pressure, the County settled on a figure of just under $2 million. What that means monetarily, is each County employee, within the confines of this lawsuit, i.e. AFSCME, IBEW, DSA, etc., will be receiving approximately $200. The named litigants on this lawsuit will be receiving approximately $7500, not just because they volunteered to be named, but because the County was in such arrears to them, and there are ORS-directed penalties for not paying an employee their full final wages upon the day of separation/retirement. The penalty is typically an entire month’s gross wages for said infraction. No one will be receiving any of these monies until officially approved by the Judge in late October 2022. These payments will also only be going to those persons employed with the County between 1/1/19 through 4/28/22.

I’m sure I will get this question: “What if I opt out of this class action?” You have two choices: 1) You can file your own lawsuit on your own dime, but since you haven’t filed said lawsuit within the 180 days of discovering the payment infraction, the only pay issues you would be filing for are those you’ve discovered after 4/28/22. 2) You would simply opt out and not receive anything.

Please reach out anytime if you have any questions regarding these notifications or the lawsuit itself. Thank you.

Rob Crumpton



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