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Willoughby - Candidate Letter


Honestly folks, I have struggled for a week or more on how to put what is going on in my head surrounding this election cycle into words. I am so passionate about our membership, its people and ultimately its future that I can’t seem to formulate that message into words. But, here goes nothing…

While making my way through briefings at the 2 Facilities, I made light of not knowing many of the faces I was talking to. So, I did a little research to contextualize how much this membership has changed. Within the last 5 years, roughly 48% of our membership was hired. And within the last 10 years, roughly 73% of our membership was hired. These numbers do not account for the individuals we have lost over those same periods of time. Pretty astonishing to me that nearly 75% of our membership has been here for 10 years or less.

So, for those who don’t know, I am Chris. At the core, I am a husband, a father, a farmer and a proud veteran. On the surface, I am a confident, passionate and outspoken Corrections Sergeant with just over 10 years of service to MCSO. During that time, I hope to have left a lasting impression as an individual with exceptional work ethic, character, trustworthiness and leadership abilities to all those I have had the honor to serve with.

My aspirations and vision of this membership’s future are much higher than the job duties set forth by the Constitution. I didn’t concede the Presidency and accept the nomination for Executive VP on a whim. I did it because I believe in Nicole and her message. I did it because I know that in order for her to succeed in her plans, she will need help. Not the kind of help you are willing to give as you approach retirement, but the lengthy dog fight kind of help that it’s going to take to right this ship. That is the help I have promised to Nicole if you choose to elect me.

The knowledge, skills and abilities I have been fortunate to gain throughout my military career and my time with MCSO match perfectly with the duties and expectations of the Executive VP. However, as I have already stated, I am thinking far beyond that. Many of you have asked me how it would work with me being the IA Sergeant. I understand that it’s hard to see past all the negative associated with the job. Yet, who is better suited to train and prepare the E-Board and Stewards to represent members in the disciplinary process? Who else spends their time reading our contract, case law and policy and procedure as a main function of their job? Who else has already identified multiple different training opportunities to get this fresh group of Board members prepared to represent us? The answer is simple, there is no other candidate who can maximize the Boards knowledge and ability like I can to be effective in this specific role for you the member.

Beyond that, I am ready and willing to be a humble servant to the membership and support our President to ensure the future of MCCDA is beneficial for all. My schedule is flexible, I am not bogged down with numerous other teams and committee’s that will deter my availability to you. The time for change is now. It is time for the end fighting, back stabbing and self-serving Board members to be a thing of the past. If you truly want change and value a person who is willing and able to do whatever it takes to achieve it, then I would be truly honored to have your vote as the next Executive VP for MCCDA.


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