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van Houte - Candidate Letter


If elected as executive vice president I will:

· Assist the MCCDA president however needed in the performance of her duties.

· Preside as the chairperson of the Grievance Committee.

· Countersign checks drawn against the funds of the association.

· Countersign all agreements for the association as authorized by the executive board.

· Act as general overseer of operations for grievances and contract administration.

· Carry out such additional lawful directives of the executive board as it may make from time to time.

· Uphold the constitution, policies, procedures, and directives of the association.

· Report bi-monthly to the membership via the association newsletter.

· Actively recruit, train, and ensure the involvement of stewards.

These are taken directly from our constitution, and I will perform these duties zealously.

Here is my further commitment to you. I will represent you faithfully at all times. I will be available to you and actively seek your input regularly. I will doggedly defend your rights as a MCCDA member, and will put forward the effort that you need and deserve.

Thank you for your consideration.


John van Houte


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