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Training Clarification

The training unit informed me of a few items and wanted to share it with all of you. The annual online PREA training is now live in PoliceOne. This will be 2 hours and will get everyone to full OJS requirements and DPSST’s annual PREA requirement. This will be the last of the online training this year and will need to be done by 12/22. Beginning January, training will be dropping more online trainings with 6 months to complete them. Still TBD on what courses, but will be somewhere around 6-8 hours most likely. Training will do the next online drop in July and will have until Mid-Dec to complete in a 6 month chunk. The January drop will likely include many of these same or similar classes that were just loaded as they’re annual requirements by DPSST, HB and SB’s, OJS, LE Accreditation, etc. So will be fairly quick turn around and be repetitive, but they don't want to wait until the last minute. The good news is, PREA alternates years for length of training. This year’s is 2 hours, next years will be 1.

Also there is no new DT Refresher video in the works. It was originally intended to be optional and available 24/7 for those who wanted to review it. Due to hour needs to meet OJS, it was made required. However, since this year is a 2 hour PREA year vs the 1 hour we were originally told, we don’t need the additional hour anymore since PREA will cover that.

For those that have already completed the DT video, those members get the added benefit of having 41.5 hours of training this year vs 40.5. PREA is an annual, required training so we aren’t able to split out the DT hour that some proactive doers already completed.

Chief Deputy Reardon has told me he isn't going to allow OT for future online trainings but we will have longer periods to complete the training. If anything changes I will keep you updated but this is what I have been told and wanted to inform all of you.




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