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Too many write ups...

Last week roughly 10 staff members were told by command "you are writing an excessive number of disciplinary reports, try to use other options available outside of the disciplinary process''. In learning of this, I spoke with the chief.

Below you will find a few key point I brought forward in our discussion:

  1. Our inmate population is the worst in 20yrs as we are only keeping the most heinous crimes.

  2. The 10 staff members work in some of the worst classification posts in the jail.

  3. We are losing control of our jails on rule at a time and the disciplinary process help establish order and safety.

  4. I have no issues with staff holding inmates accountable for their poor behavior and actions.

I explained we all want to go home safe every day, all of us. I will always support staff using the disciplinary process in an unbiased manner.

The chief understood my point of view. I also clarified there is NO civilian oversight committee reviewing our work.

Any questions on this topic please reach out.



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