Staff Crisis -Temporary Pay Increase

Updated: Jan 24

This afternoon, I met with Chief Alexander to discuss a temporary pay increase for voluntary overtime. The goal of the temporary pay increase: reduction of MOTs, staff safety, and to stop closure of posts at "half time".

King County (Seattle) is facing the exact same crisis that is at our doorstep. They are slightly larger and have more openings but if you look at percentages we mirror their predicament.

With that said on Jan. 14th King County approved a temporary pay increase for 60 days. This increase reads as follows:

Due to an abnormally high vacancy rate, and impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic,

a high amount of overtime is required to ensure continued operations. The County has an

interest in encouraging more voluntary coverage of overtime slots; in order to reduce the impacts of unplanned mandatory overtime. on a smaller group

of employees.

The County has approached the Guild to propose a temporary increase in the payment

rate for voluntary overtime.

The amount you ask.... double time and a half (2.5) rather than the normal one and a half (1.5) for voluntary overtime.

I spoke with King County's President at length and obtained a copy of their temp MOA.

I have submitted to the Chief and Sheriff our request allowing for the same temporary pay increase. I will keep you posted.......


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