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  3. If you recvd the covid vaccine and suffered side effects for which you called in sick.

-you will be eligible to have that time paid via Emergency Sick instead of your own sick bank. Emergency Sick has not yet been added into Workday for MCCDA members, hopefully we’ll see that this week. Then your supervisor can make that retroactive change for you. This provision applies retroactively to August 27, 2021.


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This afternoon, we (Rob and myself) met with the Sheriff, Alexander and Gaidos to discuss the opportunity of extending the 2.0 overtime MOA. The conversations were robust and productive from all part

I've posted the latest Voice. Thanks to Sgt. Harrington for summarizing where the bargaining team is right now. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything in it.

2 CDs confirmed for 6/6/22 4 CDs pending for 6/6/22 *working through their post-offer appointments