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"Remembering Larry" - John Hall

Recently, a friend and a fellow coworker took his life. Our agency refuses to acknowledge that fact and the loss to our MCSO family. There is also no service planned that we may have an opportunity to say good by to Larry. I had an Idea for which I hope will provide a small opportunity for us to grieve, laugh, cry, remember and above all heal. As many of us have been hit with this news in many different ways and extreme's. So.... my proposal is for people to share a story or anecdote they have about Larry. If It is something you choose to do, please title it "Remembering Larry"

With that .... here is my "Remembering Larry"

One night a few years ago, I was having a conversation with a Sgt. whom has since retired. This conversation led to a disagreement to which ultimately came to a head with "wanna bet?"

Well, neither of us wanting to back down, a wager was put forth. For my part, If I lost, I would have to dye my beard pink. For context, my beard at the time was in excess of a foot long.

As it turns out, I lost and as a man of my word, I showed up to work with a very neon pink beard. At the time, I was working transfer downtown. So with neon pink beard and 12 inmates loaded up on the transport van we headed out to MCIJ. Larry was working as the Proc Esc when we pulled up into the sally port. Larry was not aware of my recent wager or colorful transformation. Needless to say when I walked into the sally port and Larry saw me he started to laugh uncontrollably. I seriously thought he was going to throw up he was laughing so hard. His head was red and he had tears running down his face. Larry could not nor would not stop laughing for over 5 min. In his defense, I did look like a garden gnome with neon pink beard. After a while, Larry would regain his composure and I explained the wager. Laughter again ensued and more tears ran. Pictures were taken and laughter continued for over 30 min.

That is how I will remember Larry. Laughing uncontrollably and his big smile.



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