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New Contract Pay and Workday (Updated)

UPDATE: We spoke with the head of payroll (Lori Sanders) today about some of our concerns. If you see any issues with your pay, please contact Lori Erickson or Amber Kauth and *nicely* lay out the problem. Lori Sanders emphasized payrolls commitment to getting our membership paid correctly.

Due to multiple unions contracts being ratified at the same time, it is taking longer than expected to get everyone entered into workday accurately. This could push accurate rates in workday to the end of January.

I am working to get a table of the new base deputy and sergeant wages to have a starting point to calculate accurate wages. Once this table is out please use it to compare your January 31st pay stub ti ensure accuracy. If you run into any issues after contacting Lori or Amber, please reach out to a board member for assistance.


Payroll has updated compensation rates in workday to reflect the new contract. Please check to ensure they are accurate. You can check by clicking on the little head in the upper right corner of the workday page. Hit "view profile". Next go to "compensation" and the. "Pay change history". From here you will see a few key dates. First 7/01/22. This is the 10% increase. Then, 11/17/22. This is the date of commissioner ratification. This is when all of the new incentives took effect.

Depending on your month of hire/promotion, you may have a step increase as well if you were not topped out as of July 1st, 2022. Mine was incorrect, as they did not update this to reflect the 10% change, making it appear as a pay cut.

I spoke with Justin Corthell today and he said they will be continually updating these numbers until the 15th. If you notice an error, please reach out to Lori Erickson on the east side, and Amber Kauth on the west side.

Of course this means you should pay extra close attention to your checks coming on the 31st that include retro pay. The COLA retro pay will be from July 1, 2022 on, and incentives took effect 11/17/22.

If you run into any issues, please contact an E board member.


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