Oct. 18 deadline

Oct. 18 marks the deadline the county set on everyone being vaccinated or having submitted an exemption. When the Oregon Health Authority updated its requirements that only members who work in medical units are required to be vaccinated, it necessitated a change in the MOA the E-Board and county were negotiating. We are still working on that MOA to get the best protections as possible for the membership.

As of Monday, Oct. 18, per OHA's new guidelines, members who work in 4A, 4D, as the 3-5 Sgt., 4th-floor escorts, or in the medical clinic at MCDC, or in Dorm 18 or the clinic at MCIJ, will be required to be fully vaccinated. Members on medical transports also will be required to be fully vaccinated. As such, members who are not vaccinated may be moved from those posts.


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