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Nicole Buscher Candidate Letter


My name is Nicole Buscher and I'm running for MCCDA President. For those of you who don't know me, I will have worked as a deputy for the MCSO for ten years in October and have at least ten years left until retirement. I'm currently assigned to the Court Services Unit which I have spent three years in previously, I am also a member of Crisis Negotiation Team and was an FTO when I was assigned at MCDC.

I remember when I was a brand new deputy and Sergeant Anderchuk sat my group down in the briefing room at the Justice Center. He turned to a large sheet of paper and asked us what words came to mind when you hear "corrections deputy". We all looked at each other, not wanting to say the unflattering words that came to mind. The list, by the end, was anything but complimentary. What Sgt. Anderchuk said to us that day has always stuck with me. He said that we are not what the media has made us out to be and that his expectations of us are to be professional and proud of the work we do. The reason I bring this up is because I have seen what Sgt. Anderchuk explained to be true. I genuinely like and enjoy working with the sergeants and deputies here at MCSO. You make me laugh, you bring experience that is invaluable, and you bring a new level of energy and motivation that inspires shifts. I walk into dorms or modules with people accused of heinous crimes and trust my safety to you, trust that you will respond as needed and that we will all work to keep each other safe. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the senior deputies here who taught me my job and the new people who are getting bounced around our facilities doing the absolute best job they can.

The media and entertainment industry have done a really good job of making our work more difficult and of portraying law enforcement as an unnecessary enemy the last few years. Our former president, Sergeant Ingram, did a good job of trying to bridge the gap between reality and what is portrayed in the media about our job to the commissioners. One of my main goals, if elected president, is to build a strong relationship with our commissioners and the newly elected Sheriff Morrissey-O'Donnell to not only maintain our funding, but to grow. We have five dorms shut down at IJ along with East control, kitchen deputy and an escort being lost. When I was hired I heard about how there were once five facilities. Now we only have two facilities and our position summary is down to 375 deputy positions and 40 sergeants. Portland is facing record breaking homicides the last three years and overwhelming homeless/addiction/mental health problems. I sit in many court proceedings every day and see how our city officials are at a loss on how to address these issues. As a corrections unit we are a huge part of the solution and I plan to make a strong argument to our commissioners and Sheriff Morrissey-O'Donnell as to why we are the solution.

Please know that I am very aware of many of the issues we're facing. I know MOTS are out of control, we're still forced to wear facemasks, the lack of hiring was an epic failure, staff assaults are higher than I can ever remember, in the next few years OPSRP will be the majority retirement plan with no benefit of sick leave balance at retirement, members are not feeling supported and engaging with the union, and we need to prepare for another contract negotiation in a little over two years. I plan to tackle the many issues we face, but my main goal is to not lose any footing we currently have and to grow. I am aware of my short comings and lack of knowledge in some areas and that I have spent most of my time downtown or in court services. If I am elected I will work extremely hard to understand issues facing both facilities and special assignments, fight for funding, build relationships with our commissioners and new sheriff, and be open to listen to all of your advice and concerns.

I still remember the feeling of immense pride I had when I was first hired by the MCSO. To this day I continue to feel very proud to work here and I believe in the work we do. If elected I will do my absolute best to voice what an amazing job every one of us do each day and what a vital part of public safety we provide.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Deputy Nicole Buscher


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