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New Contract Pay/Incentives Roll-Out

Clarified with payroll how the new rates of pay and incentives will roll out. Workday/Payroll will begin paying the new rate of pay and incentives on 1/1/23. Due to this delay, payroll will then go back and calculate retro pay based on these increases from 7/1/22 thru 1/1/23, and pay that money out on the 1/31/23 check. Be advised, the 1/31/23 payslip will be comprised of several pages of virtually unintelligible payroll entries. At minimum, you need to compare your new hourly rates and incentives against your most recent previous payslips. The itemized accounting you will see on your 1/31/23 payslip represent lines of accounting that articulate the various revenue streams from which you're paid. At the onset of Workday, I inquired with BOLI as to whether or not Multco was violating a BOLI regulation by not distributing legible payslips. Incredible as it may sound, BOLI responded that as long as the employer identifies the payments/exemptions/withholdings on a payslip, regardless whether the employee can actually understand the pay receipt, the employer is in compliance. Counterintuitive I know. The key, however, is to remain vigilant about any discrepancies you see and report those to your respective payroll representative from each facility. For MCDC It’s Amber Kauth, for MCIJ it’s Lori Erickson. I’ll make you aware if/when I hear of any collective errors coming out of Workday and payroll, and as a reminder, prepare for deviations.

Thank you.


Dep. Crumpton


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