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Message from van Houte


As I’ve delivered my candidates letter to the facilities, and visited various shifts and special assignments, there have been a couple of recurring questions and discussions that have been brought up, and I would like to answer or clarify for everyone.

1.) Am I going to attempt to promote to lieutenant?

No, I will not be attempting to promote to lieutenant. That time has passed, and I am committed to remaining a sergeant for the remainder of my career. I have approximately 7 years remaining with MCSO, and I believe that I can do more to help if I remain a sergeant.

2.) Why would/should a sergeant be the MCCDA president?

I believe that it is less about my rank, than it is about me as a person that makes me qualified and Ideal as a candidate. My children are adults, and I have the time and flexibility to be committed and available to do all that is necessary for us as a membership. I have a track record of being available and taking care of business, even if I am off work and on vacation (locally or from a great distance).

I already have a good working relationship with much of our command staff because of my experience and assignments, and it will serve as a strong foundation for the conversations that are needed. I have a very strong ability to communicate and educate others about the job that we do. I have honed that through years of effectively communicating in a wide variety of venues with people from all walks of life from general public, to city and county counsel, to attorneys, to jury members.

I care deeply about staff, regardless of rank, and have shown this repeatedly well before I ever thought of running for office. My family considers us (MCSO) as a part of our family and have tried to show support and thanks throughout the years. My wife has known since our first date that I could be called away on a moments notice due to obligations with CNT, Close Street, or the Training Unit. She understands that this will need to continue in this new role as President, and supports it.

I’m not asking to be your president because I’m a sergeant. I’m asking to be your president because I’m what we need right now.

I have been able to have some great conversations over the past several weeks, and look forward to many more. If you’d like to talk, or have questions or concerns that I can answer, please get in touch. I will happily come to you to meet, or have a conversation on the phone, whichever you prefer.




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