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March Union Meeting

First off, I apologize for being late with this. I thought I already had uploaded the notes from the March meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions.

3/23/22 Union Membership Meeting

Members: Lake, Turney

Board: Grevstad, Ingram, Crumpton, Tiffany

Grevstad: Jana McCallum proposed that the union buy jail-safe Tumblers for all members. It will cost about $2400 for everyone to get one. This will go to vote.

Crumpton: Three active grievances. One is the half-medical for people who retire before 50 getting half medical at 58.

IAU investigation: The IA sgt grilled a member to a level of detail that has never been seen before. The sgt was going step-by-step through the video asking why you did this, why you did that, etc. They were asking for a greater level of detail in what we write, but deputies have not had the training yet on what the new expectation is (sgts. have had the training). Recommendation is that guards watch the video before writing the report.

There's a DTB over Fit Testing for some members to wear N95 masks. The union is still waiting to hear back about it.

Workday lawsuit: It's looking good for us, but still waiting. Settlement talks could come, but we're proceeding as if it's going to trial.

Tiffany: Sgt. Fernley won the election for treasurer. The union also voted to endorse a candidate for sheriff, but not for MultCo Chair. There will be a vote on which candidate we endorse.

Contract update: Update on the contract. There's info on the website, as well as in the binders at MCIJ, MCDC, Courthouse lunch rooms. Please review the info and contact team members with questions. I don't foresee the county replying to our economic demands until much later in bargaining.

Ingram: Hiring update: we are still understaffed, and recruiting isn't getting us caught up as quickly as we would like.

There's an issue with accessing the EAP: members have been told appointments aren't available when they've called to get services. Ingram has reached out to June Vining, who's helping get peer support revamped.

If you refuse a MOT and have FMLA, they're burning the four-hour refusal from FMLA bank. However, there's some question about how much time members should have for FMLA bank based on work week, with MOTs being considered to increase the number of hours in the bank.

Finances: $979k overall. Bringing in less money with fewer members; atty bills are up from negotiation meeting.

Nothing additional was discussed at the later meetings:

1215 meeting

Members: Schmidt, Bradley, Taylor, Lathrop, Ware, King, Castro

1615 meeting

McCallum, Woodbury, Franks, Lemons, Ehrich, Grignon, Merserau, Esquivel, Bascuti, Oullette, Bradford


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