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Letter from Chris Willoughby


What can happen when polar opposite personalities who are in competition with each other meet on mutual admiration and respect? Well to tell you the truth, until today I had no idea. However, after a powerful, heartfelt and meaningful conversation with Nicole (Buscher), I now know. Those two people can come together utilizing that admiration and respect to enact what we hope to be positive and beneficial change within our Union.

Folks, Nicole is the right person to elect as our next Union President. Her intangibles, dedication and skills far outweigh my own for this role. The level of passion and care she exudes for this membership and its people is awe inspiring. I truly believe that it is in the best interest of myself and our membership to see her leading our charge towards the CHANGE we all know must happen. Nicole has my full support as I hope she will also have yours.

To all those who voted for me, THANK YOU! I am humbled and grateful that you have placed your trust in me. I care strongly about this Union, its membership and its future. Which is why I ask you to continue your support for me in a role that is more suited to my personality, skills and knowledge in my bid for the Executive Vice President. I have to be 100% honest with you. Until this morning, I would have told you that this is something I was not willing to do. My pride and hard headedness would not except or allow me to switch courses. However, when you truly believe in a person and their message and they ask you to be a part of their vision and change… You jump at the chance.

Our future possibilities as a Union are endless. Especially, if its elected members are united, energized and accountable to serve as a collective voice. Not for themselves, but for the members. My hope is that you can both understand and appreciate where I am coming from, and allow me to serve you as your next Executive Vice President.



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