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Labor Management Notes

We met with managers on 02/08/22. Items discussed as follows:

Hiring Update: HR stated we are down 44. They acknowledge over the next 2 years 80 members are eligible to retire. HR director Grogan stated the "Hiring Dept." (Jon Wexlar and Deputy James) are working diligently to revamp hiring practices. Currently there are no plans to in place to change hiring practices. Billboards and radio ads are in place. Hiring stats for the month of March....Potentially 3 new hires and 2 laterals. The board has asked to meet with the hiring unit to get a better grasp of what ideas and plans are in place. The eboard continues to share our displeasure with hiring and the current practices. MORE MUST BE DONE. I now get a weekly update on hiring data which shall be helpful in defining the holes.

Post Factor Study: The union continues to push for a new post factor study. This would accurately define the Corrections budgetary needs in the area of FTE. Currently the figure is 1.82, which is at least 40 years out of date. This study would also accurately define our budgeted openings. The managers continue to push back but did admit the study is out of date. The last post factor study was done in 2005 and none of the recommendations were put into place.

MOTS/Post Closure/Incentive Pay: The Eboard continues to press for a solution regarding MOTs and Post Closures. We presented..... the 2.5xs pay incentive and to HIRE STAFF!!!! The managers offered no ideas or solutions. Currently the Chief is working up a cost analysis on the incentive pay idea. Last year we closed roughly 60K hours of post and member suffered through nearly 40K hours of MOTs. As of Feb 10 members have been forced over 2200 hours.

PEER Support: They have hired June Vining to lead the PEER support group for MCSO. This is good news for our members. She comes to our agency with loads of experience in the PEER support world. A revamp of PEER support is underway.

MCDC MH Sgt and Deputy: The eboard want these post manned ASAP with a well defined role and more of a voice at the MH table. Gaidos is working to make this happen, look for an update in 2 weeks.

CIMS: The new version of CIMS should be available the 1st week in March. As with anything new we should all expect some grief as we move through the new system and work out the kinks.

DORM Cards: The cards are no longer printed with the AIC's gender. WE relayed our concerns and displeasure regarding this new measure. Once again the managers implemented without speaking to the boots on the ground.


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