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Labor / Management Meeting Notes

Here is a quick summary of things discussed at the Labor/Management meeting on Tuesday. Please email me directly with any questions or for clarification.

Labor Management Meeting Notes


Dorm 15 MH Classification

On the board for this week – we will be doing half on Thursday, the rest on Friday. List was given to medical to go through and clear. Will present that list again for final approval Wednesday or Thursday morning. Excluded all in 4D and looking for 6B/C that is ineligible for medical perspective. Hopefully, after move, any MH inmates tagged in MCDC will be in 6 B/C or 4D. Dorm 17 will be moving over as well.

MH Sgt Info

No applications for MH sergeant. No list established. Sgt. Bryant will be moving over from his special assignment sometime early in 2023 to take over the MH Sergeant spot.


Issues to be fixed by the end of the week, or early next week

2023 Hiring Plan (MCCDA support)

4 new starting December 19th, 11 conditional offers (starting January/February),

Set a goal of 81 outreach events for fiscal year 22-23 (done 52 so far)

Since September 2021 - 36 college, 15 military, 15 diversity/equity, 10 community outreach

Opening new training network testing starting January 1st. Removing personal history questionnaire from the process.

Corrections specific event at MCIJ in spring for recruiting – early stages of planning

2023 Morale Plan

New sheriff transition – priority is going to be trying to get more recruitment, other info will come from her at the beginning of the year.

Training Record Point Person

Issues with new contract and people trying to update their training certifications (intermediate/advanced). Sgt. Sevilla will be the point person for certifications and assistance.

Education Record Point Person

Mohon with HR – email official transcripts


Could see promotions – Chief will speak with Sheriff about possibly addressing backfilling those out on workers comp

Lt. Test

New Lt test in the first quarter of next year.


We need to evaluate different methods to approach how MOTs are done. While FMLA is protected, we need to discuss how to also protect members for things such as doctors appointments that aren’t necessarily FMLA. Chief’s are open to new ideas, would like to see possible ideas from the union for how to approach.

Governor state of emergency RSV

This discontinues 30 days of 7th day. Chief asked for the county to not invoke that, and county appears amicable and will present an MOU to the union about this. (In the future, this will not be the case, but we just got the contract in place and the Chief did not want the Union hit with it)

MCDC Update

MCDC security upgrades are getting held up by City of Portland. Facilities is trying to push through everything they can without major installation. Also have plans drawn up for when the red-tape is cleared

Post preference

Discussion going on about requirements for vaccination. Update to follow.


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