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Keith Fisher Candidate Letter

Our association is at a point where we need to elect a president who is an effective and respected communicator. A president who does not see rank or seniority as an indicator of worth, but one who treats everyone as an equal. I also believe that our president should be someone who is easy to reach and one who is willing to respond.

I have spent more than half my career on call and have been there in the toughest times. I have served as a steward and was proud to be on our contract committee twice. I’ve been involved in the IA process and understand the stresses it can create. Through it all my support for MCCDA and its members has never wavered.

The truth is we face a point in our history where burn out, officer safety concerns and low moral are at an all-time high.We have an opportunity to turn the tide on these issues. Collectively, we are an incredibly talented, intelligent and strong group of people. If we truly wish to allow our voices to be heard to its fullest, we must be reunite as a group. It is our united voice that projects our strength and will influence change.

If you truly want to know how I feel about all the issues we face as an association I encourage you to call or email me.


Keith Fisher



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