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June membership meeting

Notes from the June 16 membership meeting:

Ingram: 2.0 update. Met with command the other day, we asked for CSU to be included but it was shut down. Will be a 90-day version, will allow split shifts, July 1 set to start. Need chair to sign off. No comp time.

Hiring update. 2 confirmed for July 11, 4 conditional offers

Workday lawsuit: Moving slowly forward

Retirees: 5 this month. More to come

MH sgt / deputy: Will be on the special assignment rollout in the fall. Looking to just fill it with line staff.

Sgt promotions: Looking to promote more

Workday for MCIJ C shift with Sgt. French out: Management say they have a plan, but have not disclosed what it is yet.

Intel deputy: No plan yet to fill it.

Fentanyl gloves: Thick blue ones don't protect against fentanyl. Use the thinner blue or purple gloves instead, or double up on gloves.

Grevstad: Remodel at MCIJ briefing room.

2 open IAs

Kammerer: 4 open IAs at MCDC. MSI's not working very well. Kitchen remodel is still going, makes things very busy. There are lots of delays on the court floor because of cases being backed up.

Blue room filthy: Janitor contract cannot allow for them to clean the blue room surfaces, trying to find out who can clean it.

Fernley: $916k total assets. Reconciling attorney bills, negotiations, workday lawsuit. Will reinvest bond account in mid-July. Fernley has paper copies of all the financials printed in a binder for anyone who wants to see them.

Tiffany: Website is working well, still lots of good feedback. Please help newer people sign up for it if they express interest.

Contract update: June 7 meeting yielded the county’s first economic offer. It was extremely disappointing: An 8% raise for deputies, 9% for sergeants on July 1, 2022, followed by a 5% raise on July 1, 2023, and a 1-4% raise on July 1, 2024. The initial raise would barely cover inflation, let alone come close to addressing the myriad needs the county and MCCDA face.


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