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June L-M meeting

Notes from June's labor management meeting:

Command staff: Alexander, Peterson, Morrison, Gaidos, Diamond, Wexler, Reardon, Wheeler

Board: Ingram, Kammerer, Crumpton, Fernley, Tiffany

MCCDA agenda item: G-shift contingency plan if we're below minimum staffing before the shift starts.

Management reply: Lt. needs to be notified early on to start command notification. Flag needs to be raised to captain, who will coordinate coverage.

Promotions: Sgts?

Management: Anticipate they will happen at some point this summer.

Fentanyl: Is there cleaning stuff for it? How long does it stay on surfaces?

Reply: Some gloves are resistant to fentanyl; however, the thick, dark blue gloves ARE NOT. The thinner blue and purple gloves are resistant to fentanyl, but they obviously tear more easily and won't protect as well from being poked. Managment advises staff to keep at least one pair of gloves on you at all time in the facility, and says that doubling up gloves is helpful.

Mentorship program: A few months ago, management brought up the idea of a mentorship program that will help deputies newly off FTEP to continue checking in with a senior deputy. Is there an update on that?

CD Alexander: No movement recently but will follow up with training unit.

Bunk welding update at MCDC: Sgt. Bascuti is working on it. Will take up to 10 days to get each unit done. Just need to find a way to schedule it.

Masking update from management: FYI, IAU is still auditing video for mask compliance. Please continue to wear masks when jailside until the county updates its policy.

Intel deputy: With Deputy Connelly's upcoming retirement, how will the spot be filled?

Management: The retirement announcement was the day before the meeting so no plan had been formulated yet. However, management reiterated that the spot will be filled as soon as possible.

IAU sgt: With Sgt. Blair's promotion to lieutenant, the IAU sgt spot will open up. Lt. Blair will continue working in IAU to help the inspector and to train the new sgt.

Hiring update from Jonathan Wexler: Next hire date is July 11. 2 CDs confirmed. 4 conditionals out, 3 are working on starting in July. Doing some advertising with the National Training Network to increase nationwide recruitment. Jail tours have restarted as well.

MH deputy or sgt: Is there a plan to fill the spots vacated by longterm leave?

Management: They're filling the spot with line staff when they can, but the plan is to fill the spots with the special assignments this fall.


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