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Incentive OT pay announcement

I am please to report we have reached an agreement with the county regarding the OT incentive pay. Please see the attached MOA for your reference.

Final Signed MOA Overtime Incentive Pilot - March 15 2022
Download PDF • 116KB

Things to note:

  1. In accordance with the provisions set forth within the MOA double time will be paid for OT.

  2. The 7th day overtime language will not change. If its your 7th day expect the same rules to apply pertaining to OT hiring etc.

  3. Staff working 10hr shifts are able to participate in this program. The key is ensuring your name is on the voluntary OT call list; either 1st pref or "PC" 2nd pref.

  4. You will not receive MOT credit when paid in accordance with the MOA.

  5. The goal of this MOA is to reduce/prevent MOTs and ensure adequate staffing for all shifts.

  6. No Comp Time @ double time authorized

  7. The March 21st date will give the Workday team time to put in the temporary timekeeping pieces before final configuration. The system won't be configured until the first week of April, so there will be retro checks back to March 21st.

  8. Any questions please reach out.


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