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Fisher - Candidate Letter

MCSO has provided me with a wide range of experiences that will benefit our membership if am elected as our next Vice President. First and foremost, I have split my career working in all of our facilities (MCDC and MCIJ), as well as in various special assignments. Also, I have served as a member of Peer Support, CERT, CNT, union steward and with our contract committee. I have gained a unique perspective of the diversity of issues we face as a union, while forging solid relationships within our membership. Furthermore, as an agency loan instructor at DPSST and current OSSA Jail Inspector I have made connections with many of our brothers and sisters across the state seeing firsthand how our working conditions, policies and procedures compare with other agencies. Finally, I believe my work ethic and respect I have for our career has helped me create a beneficial working relationship with our Sheriff and Command Staff.

I realize that our Vice President is someone who needs to have a firm understanding of our contract as well as of our policies and agency manual. They also need to adhere to timelines and work well under pressure to ensure our members are represented appropriately through the grievance and disciplinary processes. As a deputy I have consistently proven to be this person. I have been involved with these processes and have learned to use these experiences in a positive way. I believe my experience in these areas have prepared me to represent our members.

If you feel that I have the experience and qualities to serve our membership as your next Vice President I would appreciate your vote. As always if you have any questions or if you just want to chat, please call or send me an email.


Keith Fisher


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