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Election Update

As you probably have heard, there were a number of serious issues with the 2022 E-Board election. Long story short, I thought each login would have access to the ballot one time and that people wouldn't be able to vote more than once. I also thought the votes would be connected to each member's website account so I could audit the vote and make sure no one voted more than once. I was wrong on both counts. Multiple people voted more than once, and many others used the DPSST numbers of people who are not eligible to vote, including members on worker's comp and command staff. People entered names such as Adolf, JoAnn Hardesty, and a notorious inmate we're housing. Someone even thought it was funny to use my personal cell phone number when they signed their ballot.

Regardless of what has happened, there is no way to ensure the integrity of the election, so I'm working on a new process. There are a number of issues I have to work through, but I hope to have the election back up and running by Monday, March 14. It will run for the seven days. If it looks like I won't be able to make that deadline, we will resort to paper ballots.

Thank you for your patience while I figure this out and please accept my apology for my screwup.


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