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December Membership Meeting Info

Union Meeting 12/1


0815 – 3

1115 – 14

1615 - 18

President – Bid is in, should release week of 12/9. Sergeant Promotion – Not happening soon, we are currently hired up to budgeted spots. Speaking with the chief about A/OIC spots and what is actually being covered. Lieutenant list expires December 21st, new list will start late January. Transitional school party coming up soon.

Executive Vice – 2 policy driven grievances (one related to sick leave and COVID, the other is retro payment for those who retired), Contract Finalization – getting all signatures together, sending to county, they get all of their signatures, then they send a finalized copy back for distribution. Staffing still horrible, MOT’s are being refused more often, don’t do it without reason (i.e. “they aren’t going to do anything to me about it.” Retro pay is hard lined at January 31st. Nothing can be done about that.

West Vice –Deputy Meyer arbitration over 5 days off, briefs given to arbitrator, results in a few months. Still have deputies off on paid leave, no update yet. Yogurt program going well. Blue room dirty, it is still our own responsibility to clean up our messes in the microwaves and other places.

East Vice – 6 I/A’s @ inspector/chief desk, changing MH housing into dorm 15, very fluid situation, still ironing out details on how it will work. Expect to see a lot of changes over the next few weeks to months as they adjust how this will work out. New workout equipment.

Treasurer – Attorney Fees the biggest expenditures – Bargaining $65k, Workday $42K (just recovered) , Picnic Under budget, Lots of CD’s coming to maturity, will probably reinvest.

Information Officer – Voice being published next week. Updating the website constantly, working on implementing an ability to switch to personal email.


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