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Corrections Leadership Structure Change

The following information is from Chief Gaidos. I believe all members should be informed.

-Good Afternoon,

Over the last several months, CD Alexander and I have been working to revise the utilization of lieutenants in the Corrections Division. This work has surrounded two primary goals, ensuring we maintained managerial oversight of all shifts and allowing our lieutenants to be more flexible to engage in administrative meetings, projects and increased staff communication.

To accomplish this, we will move in stages. The first of these stages will begin later this month and is outlined in the attached organizational chart. We will combine the four E and G Shift lieutenants at each facility to two positions that will be assigned to 10-hour shifts. These positions will no longer be tied to the traditional OIC post, or responsible for daily scheduling duties at the facility. The goal of these positions will be to actively engage the staff working on these shifts to solve challenges, provide information and direction and gather feedback that might be useful to the broader management team.

To address facility scheduling needs for each of these shifts, we will be adding four sergeant positions and assigning one to E and G Shifts at each facility. This will allow these lieutenants flexibility in their hours to attend regular command meetings or work on projects as assigned.

We will also be adding a lieutenant’s position under the Court Services Captain. As we have moved several of our specialty units under this section, it has become apparent that providing the administrative support is critical to the success of many of the current reform efforts surrounding our pre-trial and work readiness programs.

The next iteration of this plan will involve finding a path to provide support to our C Shift lieutenants at each facility. We are working to identify funding to accomplish this next phase of structure change, to allow more flexibility to engage with staff on these shifts and other leadership functions. We will keep you posted as we continue to work towards this goal.

We are excited to share this change in the leadership structure of the Corrections Division as the Lieutenants role continues to evolve in our division, and wanted to ensure everyone was aware of these changes prior to the upcoming Lieutenant process. More information regarding this process will be coming from HR soon, we hope all of you consider becoming a part of the future of our success and growth in our agency. Please let CD Alexander or myself know if you have questions regarding this change.


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