Contract Team Update and Rumors

Since my last update, the team has been unable to meet with management, despite our best efforts. We have given them multiple dates that work for us, but they have been less than responsive. We are still waiting to hear their response to our most recent economic proposal. We reach the 150-day milestone in negotiations in a few weeks, so we'll have a clearer idea of our path forward after that.

Speaking of the path forward, a rumor has emerged that the team will be skipping mediation and moving straight to arbitration. This, obviously, is not true. If we can't come to an agreement with the county, we go to mediation first and then, if necessary, arbitration. The team has been transparent about our work since the beginning. If there's big news to share, I'll announce it here and in The Voice. If you hear something that sounds like big news but don't see anything released about it, please talk to any of the contract team members about it before spreading it around.

Another rumor is that DSA has agreed to a contract and will be getting a 30% raise. DSA is meeting with the county early next month and very well could come to an agreement, but the 30% number is very unlikely. The team and E-Board have been talking to the DSA team throughout both of our negotiations, but they have not shared any of the details from their progress with us.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.


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