Contract Meeting No. 2

The contract team met with management for our second bargaining session on Tuesday, March 15. The team will update the binders at MCDC, MCIJ and the courthouse by Friday with the proposals that were presented. Here is a brief recap. Please remember that these are just proposals and that they could be different in the finalized contract:

  1. The cash value of OPSRP members' sick leave will be transferred to their VEBA accounts upon retirement or separation.

  2. Members may transfer up to 40 hours of unused sick leave to someone on catastrophic leave

  3. An increase in paid military leave to 21 work days in a calendar year

  4. An increase in incentive pay from 4% to 5% for an intermediate certificate, and from 7% to 10% for an advanced certificate.

  5. 1.5% physical fitness premium for passing the ORPAT yearly

The county proposed some noneconomic items as well:

  1. An increase in cost for Kaiser Health Insurance from 5% to 7.5%.

  2. Bringing back retirees to fill vacant spots after the voluntary overtime process has been fulfilled but before mandatory OT is given

  3. A reduction in the comp time bank to 80 hours a year

  4. The county introduced a number of changes to the TX process, including limiting the amount of TX's a member can do to 52 a year (down from our current level of 104). Chief Alexander said their goal is to reduce the number of failed TX's that have increased over the past few years.

Please see the binders for the full proposals, and feel free to speak with any bargaining team member about the process. Again, these are just proposals and in no way resemble how we foresee the final contract to end up.


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