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Contract Meeting 8/31

The contract team met with management on 8/31. We made more progress with the county and are getting closer on tentatively agreeing on some items. The county presented us with a few more "what if" proposals for economic items as well.

Firstly, I know many of you are concerned about the TX issue and the fact that the county explored cutting them down to 52 a year. All along, we've maintained that the county has the ability to enforce its own TX policy already in the contract. The county has agreed to some altered language around failed TX's, but as of now, there won't be any further changes from the previous contract.

Also of note is the county added an education incentive of $75 a month for staff with 90 college credit hours, and $150 a month for a bachelor's degree. That equates to about a 1% incentive for an associate's degree equivalent, and 2% for a bachelor's. This is less than what the team asked for, but it's at least a step in the right direction. We are working on a counter-proposal that will be of more beneficial to members.

The county also included a retention bonus of 2% of a staff member's base wages, with a minimum of $1500. This language matches what DSA got in its contract. Again, this is a step in the right direction.

The county also presented more language on its "retiree-rehire" program that they want to use to bolster staffing when we get to MOT mode. The board has given much input on the language we would find acceptable, and the county has suggested that members from each team meet together separately to work out the details so it makes sense for the membership. The team remains committed to ensuring that any program will not take away any economic opportunities from members.

The county's proposals are listed on a two-page printout that will be placed in the MCDC, MCIJ and MCHJ lunchrooms. Please review them, as well as all the other proposals that have been placed in there throughout this process.

As I have said before, nothing has been agreed upon. We are making progress in negotiations but still have a lot of work left to do. As always, please feel free to contact me directly or any other member of the contract team if you have questions or input about the process. And if you hear a crazy rumor that isn't mentioned on the blog or isn't in the binder, please reach out to a team member first before sharing it.


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