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Cigna Meeting With County

Matt Ingram, our union attorneys and I met with the County benefits people today about the many issues members have been having with their Cigna health insurance. The county is aware of the problems, which extend to all county employees with Cigna health insurance. The county also said it was looking into switching back to MODA next year; Tami Mahrt, the benefits coordinator who has been working with our members on their issues, said she is pushing for the county to make the switch next year. However, we're stuck with Cigna in the meantime. Tami reiterated that she is here to help any employee having a problem dealing with Cigna, from denied claims to getting an appointment for something a doctor has ordered but the insurance company is saying no to. Her email is: Please feel free to contact her. Matt Ingram also is collecting member stories about their struggles with Cigna (no personal details shared, but it's good to let the county know about the specific trials we're going through). If you're comfortable sharing, please let him know.

The benefits folks also are working to craft a message with more details and remedies for employees. Because this blog post will eventually be pushed down the list of posts, I'm working to create a resource page on the site to house the Cigna information. I will let everyone know when it's ready. Please let me or any other E-board member know if you have any questions.


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