Behind Enemy Lines

The Bosses, who at one time were part of my 2nd family, have once again failed to lead. Their lack of leadership and failure to address issues continues to disgust me. These failures contribute, in a large measure, to the social problems we encounter everyday in our workplace.

Sadly, we have one of the most liberal Sheriffs in the last 25 years. His tolerance to the violence we face each and every day is disturbing. Some have said he is the worst Sheriff in many many years. He only reacts when his image is tainted. Our command structure refuses to step up and challenge him in order to help with issues facing the boots on the ground staff.

History has confirmed that failure to deal adequately with past violence breeds more violence. It is known that failure to openly condemn violence only bolsters heinous acts. The Sheriff along with the commissioners must recognize this fact. In turn they must be able to distinguish the difference between the legal First Amendment expressions of free speech and criminal activity that puts the public in danger. While the first is a guaranteed constitutional right, the second carries with it the responsibility of government to protect the people from danger and use force as necessary to fulfill that obligation.

Yesterdays email from the chair solidifies my point. To go a step further; it truly saddens me to say the bosses are no longer part of my 2nd family. With that said, I ask all of you, in your next briefing take a moment to look around the room. The person in front of and behind you; to your left and right.......THATS YOUR 2nd FAMILY. Please take care of them. Help keep them safe!!!!!!

Never forget "lets do it to them before they do it to us"

God Bless you all.... my 2nd family.



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