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Bargaining Meeting April 4

The contract team met with management for our third bargaining session on Monday, April 4, 2022. The meeting was not as eventful as the previous two, but it did have a few interesting developments. The team will update the binders at MCIJ, MCDC and the courthouse by the end of the week.

Here are some highlights of what we proposed, as well as what the county proposed:

Our proposals:

  • Incremental increase in vacation accrual. For example, a new deputy would accrue 3.33 hours a pay period, while in the second year would get 3.67, then 4 the next year, then 4.33 then 4.67 and 5, and so on throughout their career. There will be a table for reference in the binders.

  • Compensatory time total bank reduced to 80 but with no limit on how much you can accrue a year.

  • The county will not use pending IA's against members who are trying for promotion or special assignments

  • We are asking for language to prevent "fishing expeditions" regarding the use of video (for example, a manager cannot pull up random video and try to find disciplinary issues)

The county updated us on the N95-mask requirements for nonvaccinated members. Matt Ingram made a separate blog post regarding this. The county also announced it is pausing almost all policy review / enaction while we are bargaining. That means the policies they open up to stakeholder (i.e. member) and union review periodically will be put on hold until after bargaining, unless it's a policy that is tied to legislature.

The county presented proposals that are more housekeeping in nature rather than substantive. Copies of them will be added to the binders. Please take the time to review them, as well as the proposals the team has made. As always, the team is available for questions, comments and concerns.


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