Update: Awards Ceremony and Hazard Pay update

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

For the 2020-21 MCSO awards ceremony, the board has nominated the CERT team for a unit citation for their tireless work in keeping MCDC and shift change safe during the scourge of riots that lasted over 100 days. The team worked long hours and had to put up with all the vitriol from the rioters, and we thank them for the great work they did.

The board also has nominated each unit that worked downtown for showing up to work every day throughout the riots. We highlighted this in our request to the county commissioners for $3500 in hazard pay for all MCSO members who worked during the Covid outbreak and throughout the riots.

The request currently is with the county commissioners. Matt Ingram is scheduling appointments with all of them to advocate for the bonus. I will update everyone as soon as we hear any word.

A prior version of this post neglected to say that all units that worked downtown: CSU, close street, etc., were nominated. I apologize for the error. -Matt Tiffany


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