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April L-M meeting

Meeting notes from the April Labor-Management meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions.

4/12/22 LM meeting

Management: Alexander, Morrison, Grogan, Wexler, Parks, Wheeler, Gaidos, Peterson, Reardon, Diamond

Union: Ingram, Tiffany, Fernley, Grevstad, Kammerer

1. CIMS replacement: From Capt. Wheeler: The replacement for CIMS is really close. They're in final end-user testing for the jail log and medical users. May 1, 2022, is tentative go-live date.

2. Classification revamp: From CD Gaidos, Capt. Wheeler has a plan to redo the Classification Process. The next step would be bringing in E-board and membership to make sure the new system is meeting needs of all. It's a unique moment to change our classification system. They want to be thoughtful and aware, especially with COVID changes.

Regarding inmates on disciplinary no longer going on prehearing lockdown: Nothing has changed. It's still up to the discretion of the sergeant to not place an inmate on prehearing lockdown for certain minor offenses.

3. Social visiting at both facilities: There were no issues reported at either facility. Deputy Grevstad expressed concerns about lunch reliefs and serving Ramadan, making sure we have enough coverage during visiting hours. From CD Alexander: They're still waiting to implement a formal cap on the amount of visitors depending on how the numbers hash out for how many people come to each session.

4. Training: A Use of Force class for deputies will be held during AITs.

5. Peer support revamp. There's a training upcoming for all members of peer support. After that, the group will look to add new members.

6. Hiring / recruiting update from Jonathan Wexler: 2 confirmed to start May 2. 2 with conditional offers. 25 applicants in backgrounds. Process is about 3-4 months total, 3 weeks for background, if the applicant is responsive.

New recruiter: They are looking to hire two new recruiters to focus mostly on nonsworn positions. That will allow current HR staff to focus on corrections recruiting.

7. The IAU process is taking way too long. We floated the idea of getting Jeff Heinrich (the inspector) an assistant. While CD Alexander said that was a good idea, no promises were made to make it happen.

8. Chief Alexander stuck by his decision to not allow members to split the shifts for double time. He said it's too difficult to track the data that they will need to determine if the program will continue after its trial run is over. We disagreed on this and encouraged him to let staff split the shifts.

9. Top bunk removal at MCDC is still in the works, but doing so would result in a unit being shut down for about a week, which obviously affects the jail population. Capt. Parks is working on figuring out the details.


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