2.0 Update

This afternoon, we (Rob and myself) met with the Sheriff, Alexander and Gaidos to discuss the opportunity of extending the 2.0 overtime MOA. The conversations were robust and productive from all parties; everyone agreed the program thus far has been a success.

We are awaiting collections of key data points to ensure our extension request is met with no obstructions. This process should be complete and a new MOA presented by 06/05/22. This momentary pause will allow time to make a few adjustments to the MOA. For example, split shifts will be added in the new version. After todays meeting, we have the full support of the Sheriff. He is ready to assist in offering this to staff over the summer months. I will keep you posted as we progress through the process. My next meeting to review progress is 5/27.

As a reminder the current 2.0 MOA expires 5/20 E shift. If you see a Chief or the Sheriff let them know your thoughts of the 2.0 program thus far.


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