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10-11-22 LMM Meeting Minutes

We met with managers on 10/11/22. Items discussed as follows:

Hiring Update:

10-31 hiring date 6-8 possible. 27 Corrections candidates in backgrounds . The county is still working towards getting on the National Training Network website to make applications more streamlined The board asked if exit interviews are being conducted to see why people are leaving. HR said exit interviews are optional but done if exiting employees want them. They will follow up to see if and how the information gained from this will be used. It was noted a lot of people are not doing the exit interviews, but those that do mention MOTs as a big factor. The board mentioned the needs to do more to retain staff, especially the more senior staff. The board asked for a meeting to discuss some more hiring and retention strategies.

Staff Morale:

The board emphasized how low morale is among staff, especially now with E shift being on graveyard mode. Inmates are starting to act out more at MCDC, and it does not seem to be helping overall. Command staff acknowledged morale is low, but that they were trying new things to give a respite from MOTs including shuffling people to dayshift MCDC and have transports do medical transports. The board suggested the county contributing financially to retirement parties again. The chief said they had gotten away from this due to COVID, but will revisit this after looking at county rules. The board also requested command staff show up to more retirement parties to show appreciation.


Cost of $542,000 during the last cycle. 231 staff participated. The $542K was an amount in addition to the normal 1.5 cost. The board noted with the drastic changes at E shift after 2.0 ended. The chief agreed the 2.0 helped get us through the summer, but feels the changes happening now would have happened regardless. It was noted the cost of running one dorm is about $560,000, so the 542 number was not completely outlandish.

12 Hour staffing Analysis:

12 hour staffing was looked at by a LT. It was found we are too short on staff to do this. The board asked if the county has looked at doing a professional staffing study. The chief said it is difficult to secure funding from the county chair to do a study like this, but this is something that can be looked at again.

Training Record Issue:

An issue came up where training records from the training unit are not making it to DPSST to members official training records. This makes it difficult for members to get their intermediate and advanced certifications in an expeditious manner. Some members records are behind as much as a year. The chief said he would follow up on this with the training unit to see where the breakdown is.

MOTS Prior to Shift Being Counted:

The chief mentioned this was not covered in the contract, and the most important coverage needed is during the first 4 hours of shift. The board mentioned critical staffing levels on the back halves of graveyard, and maybe looking at at least counting them for G shift.

PREA Video Pull:

A retired former member will be pulling PREA video soon. The board asked if he could take some of the workload from online staff to view video to clear some of the unfounded claims. It was clarified the amount of video pulls has become unsustainable for just the Admin Lt, so his role is to take some of this workload as needed. He will NOT be doing UoF video pulls. The Admin Lt will still be doing this. This is more of a stopgap solution until the county gets full time video support staff as LE moves to body cams.

MCDC E shift Plan:

Command reiterated this is a temporary plan to alleviate MOTs for a while. Adjustments are being made to ensure med rounds are able to safely be covered and to allow staff to pick certain posts for overtime. Looking at changing commissary to Tuesdays and Saturdays when there is no rec. Since implementation there have been no hard MOTs. The board mentioned concerns with how long inmates are being locked down and the risk of imminent major disturbances and staff safety issues if we continue with lock downs in units. To alleviate some of this, recreation is being kept open to give them some incentive to behave. On day shift, transports has been taking some of the med trans, and something more permanent with that is being looked at to take some of these on the worst staffed MCDC days. There are currently no plans to expand this to MCIJ. The board brought up the amount of 2 person USM transports at MCIJ and the toll that takes on staffing levels. Command reiterated it will be only at MCDC for now.

UOF New Program:

Still months away from being rolled out. It is at the top of the list for contract purchases. It is being fast tracked as much as possible, but looking like next spring before anything is in place.

MMC New Program:

With the new classification software, a MMC portion will be included. Minor citations will be easier, and more emphasis will be placed on them. The county is still working towards getting funding for this. Once the funding is in place, it will be another 4-6 months beyond this. This program will completely replace EZwriter for all non UoF reports that EZwrtier currently covers.


The bid will still be on a normal timeline at this point and results will be held until promotions occur. The chief does not know numbers yet on how many will be promoted or when, but will follow up on this.

Special Assignment Announcement/ Reductions:

With some members being pulled from special assignments, there is uncertainty of when they will return or if they will need/get to bid. The board also asked if we are going to fill any of the openings we already have in other special assignments going forward. Chief Guidos said the only positions that won't be completely filled are work crew because of a pending Oregon ballot measure that could make the functions of work crew essentially illegal. Command staff did not have an answer of when the people pulled will be returned to their posts.

Tablets for Inmates:

Tablets are being looked at for inmates through Securus. It is not known if it would be both facilities. More information will come soon, with a pilot program possible as early as 1st quarter 2023.

Classification Changes:

Command is looking at possibly moving more inmates to MCIJ. Overall, they are looking at classification groups they can move to MCIJ to free up more beds at MCDC, but also looking at the support staff that would be needed to support potential populations that do move. They are looking at bringing the classification system to a post-COVID status. As more information is available, the board will be able to weigh in on what populations should move.


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